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A Short Film

A woman confesses her suicidal thoughts to her neighbor.



Workshop + Performances with Invulnerable Nothings, Bath, ME (April 2023)

Sold-Out Performances: The Tank (March 2022)

Harlow, Sebastian, and Ade are going away for the weekend—they think to celebrate their token straight friend Michael’s 30th birthday. But they soon find out that Michael and his wife, Allie, are getting a divorce. When Michael and Allie ask their friends to pick which one of the couple they will choose to stay friends with, Harlow, Sebastian, and Ade not only have to make an incredibly difficult decision but also confront their own expectations for love and relationships. This brand-new comedy, which has been described as “upsettingly relatable,” explores ideas of love, sexuality, queerness, and friendship in the 21st century—or what’s left of it.

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Workshop Performance: Guild Hall of East Hampton (September 2019)

Winner: Best Play at Manhattan Rep. Theatre's Spring Play Festival (April 2018)

Finalist: SheNYC Arts Summer Play Festival (February 2019)

Semi-Finalist: Normal Avenue's The NAPseries (January 2019)

Sold-Out Performances: The Tank (October 2018)

Sold-Out Workshop: Dixon Place (October 2017)

Hours after their father passes away, Cara Sullivan and her flaky brother, Pete, try to navigate the uncharted task of planning their father’s funeral. Along the way they are met by an unruly cast of characters that you only find upon returning home: the ex-lover, the hot Tinder date, and the overly optimistic funeral director. With each farcical step toward the final resting place, Cara and Pete struggle to honor their father without putting the last nail in the coffin of their tenuous relationship. As each character deals with loss in their own way, The Daerie Queene explores the hilarity in grief and promises to keep the audience laughing to the end.

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